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Carskin is a series of vinyl that can be applied to the car body panels, allowing you to change its color. Design options include High Gloss, Regular Gloss, Satin, Matte, Gradient, Chrome, Carbon Fiber, Custom Design + Print, and more.

You can remove Carskin anytime you want, meaning you can always revert to the original color.

3M Avery Dennison KPMF Inozetek

Why install Carskin?

1. Change Color Anytime

Not all OEM paints may satisfy your taste. You have the flexibility to change your car's color to any shade at any time without compromising your OEM paint.

2. Keep Your Original Paint

 Repainting can diminish your car's value, as it cannot return to its original paint condition. It's advisable to retain the OEM paint to clearly indicate that your vehicle has not undergone major accidents. Carskin can be easily installed and removed without affecting your car's value, preserving its original paint condition.

3. Self-Healing Feature

Carskin vinyls come with self-healing features. Minor swirls and scratches disappear when you apply hot water to the Carskin surface. Alternatively, you can use a heat gun or leave the car under the hot sun for a few hours.

4. Minimal Downtime

 In comparison to painting, wrapping a car requires less processing time. Despite dedicating extra time and care to installing Carskin, the turnaround time is still faster than traditional painting methods.

Questions & Answers

"What kind of Info

do you need for a Quote?"

The optimal method to receive a quote is by providing us with the Year, Make, and Model of your vehicle along with photos capturing the FRONT, SIDE, and BACK views. Feel free to send us any sample colors, photos, and sketches that can assist us in visualizing your thoughts and ideas. The more information you provide, the better we can offer you an accurate understanding of the entire process.

"How long does Carskin last??"

Firstly, the longevity of the Carskin depends on the brand and finish you choose, varying from 2-3 years up to 5-6 years. Renowned brands such as 3M, Avery Dennison, and KPMF typically offer an average manufacturer warranty of 5-6 years.

Secondly, the lifespan also hinges on your usage patterns and how diligently you maintain your vehicle.

"How to maintain

my Carskin?

You can treat your Carskin similarly to your OEM paint: applying wax, sealant, or Ceramic Coating can help extend its lifespan. It's important to note that anything harmful to your OEM paint can also affect the Carskin. This includes activities like using a brush carwash, exposure to harsh chemicals, off-road driving, track driving, and parking under trees, among others.

"How long does it take to install?"

For a full body color change, Carskin installation typically takes an average of 3-5 business days, considering factors such as size, exterior design, and the type of material you choose. More intricately designed cars, such as exotics or trucks, may require an additional 1-2 days.

Carskin Services

Inozetek Pink Lamborghini

Exterior Colour Change

Vinyl Carskin can completely transform the exterior color of your vehicle, and it is entirely removable. After removal, you can restore the car to its original color. Additionally, the cost of a vinyl wrap is lower than that of a comparable paint job. With limitless color choices available, you have the flexibility to choose a single color or mix and match different colors according to your preferences.

Avery Satin Silver Rolls Royce

Partial Carskin

Partial car skins are characterized by vehicle coverage that is less than a full wrap but more extensive than decals. Adding little accents with partial wraps, such as a matte black hood, gloss black roof or mirrors, or carbon fiber front lips, can give your car a distinctive look. The options are virtually limitless.

Custom Wrap Bentley

Custom Carskin

If you desire something more unique than a full body color change with Carskin, we offer the option to custom design your car. This involves the possibility to print images, illustrations, and writings and wrap either the full or partial car. This option is perfect for commercial wrapping as well.

Carbon Fiber Interior Wrap

Interior Carskin

While not all interior pieces can be wrapped, the majority of smooth surfaces are wrap-compatible. There are unlimited color and material options available for interior wrapping.

Gloss Black Interior Wrap

Chrome Delete (Blackout)

If exterior chrome pieces aren't to your taste, we can wrap them in black. Options like gloss black, satin black, or matte black can give your car a more aggressive appearance.

Custom design wrap

Custom Decals

Any decals you desire, including stripes, social media IDs, flags, company logos, and your favorite brand logos, can be printed and plotted for you.

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