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For all Tesla Owners! <<<imALSET

We offer Tesla Modification service in Toronto, Ontario. We provide Tesla Accessory Installation and Surface Protection services.

We are an authorized dealer of Hansshow Auto Parts.

You can Purchase parts through us, or bring your own Hansshow parts. Please email us to get quotes!

Questions & Answers

"What Service do you offer? "

- Any exterior changes such as Carskin, PPF, Ceramic Coatings, Window Tinting and Exterior Upgrade parts installations. Including Automatic closure, Automatic Door handles, Carbon Fibre parts (Lips, Side Skirts, Diffuser, etc) and more. 

- Any interior changes such as Ambient Lightings, Additional screens, Screen mounts, Carbon Fibre Trim upgrade and more.

- We sell Hansshow parts and installations.

"Parts warranty?"

- 1 year manufacture warranty and 1 year installation warranty is available if you install & purchase parts from us

- 3 month installation warranty available if you install parts from us. Manufacture warranty would be available through the company you purchase from.

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